Invacare Alber Adventure Electric Wheelchair

Invacare Alber Adventure Electric Wheelchair


The Invacare Alber Adventure Electric Wheelchair has spring suspension which is nothing out of the ordinary, but with the perfect match of all the chassis components, this chair makes the difference between a mere design concept and real-life functionality. In the field of electric wheelchairs, the Invacare Alber Adventure Electric Wheelchair provides levels of driving safety, traction and comfort that were previously unheard of. The Invacare Alber Adventure Electric Wheelchair was designed for use indoors, on the road and just about anywhere else. Compared with conventional wheelchair electric motors, you have up to 45 % more range (approximately 28 miles fully charged depending on terrain). The entire driving mechanism is integrated harmoniously into the rear wheels. The maintenance-free planetary gear provides an efficient and powerful drive. The four wheels with independent suspension ensure stability, traction and comfort even on rough ground. Thanks to the innovative motor design, energy is put back into the batteries when you travel down hill, thus increasing the range. Full time wheelchair users know all about how uneven surfaces such as cobble-stones, kerbs and potholes put a strain on the driver. The so-called "vibration stress" has been shown to have a negative effect on our whole body. In order to achieve optimum damping and stability, the exact adjustment of the chassis to the weight of the driver plays an important role. Only in this way can effective and therapeutic vibration damping be attained. We recommend a visit to one of our showrooms or book a home visit to ensure exact adjustments can be made. Additional features of the Invacare Alber Adventure Electric Wheelchair include a contoured upholstered seat, complete lighting system, a fully programmable control unit with LCD display, a joystick installed on either side and adjustable suspension.


Clearance: 17 cm
Length: 111 cm
Maximum Speed: 4/6/8 mph
Range: 28 Miles
Weight (max user): 140 kg
Weight (total): 96.7 kg
Width: 68 cm / 27 inches

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