Days Healthcare ST3

Days Healthcare ST3


The Days Healthcare ST3 sits right in the middle of the Strider range of powerful and robust mobility scooters. This is a good thing as it provides an amalgamation of both worlds. It has a larger wheelbase than the ST 1 & 2 which provides a higher ground clearance – ideal for driving on uneven terrain – and is extremely manoeuvrable indoors and outdoors. The scooter can be broken down into 5 pieces if needed, making it very easy to lift and transport with you. With the wireless battery box, you won’t need to worry about finding an outlet to charge the scooter. In fact, the battery range on the Days Healthcare ST3 is greater than the ST1 & 2. This scooter is ideal for the taller person and the rotating seat makes getting on/off very easy. For safety, a rear-view mirror has been attached.  

Hire me from £40.00 per week    Buy me from £695.00 Exc. VAT


Clearance: 5cm
Length: 99cm
Maximum Range: 15 miles
Maximum Speed: 4mph
Weight (max part): 20kg
Weight (max user): 133kg (21st)
Width: 55cm

All hires are subject to availability, assessment and Terms & Conditions - please ask for more details.

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