Kymco Midi XLS Mobility Scooter

Kymco Midi XLS Mobility Scooter


The Kymco Midi XLS is a fully road legal 8 mph mobility scooter with a travel distance of 25 miles on a full charge and a maximum user weight of 25 stone.The Kymco brand started life in the motorcycle industry and later decided to bring its expertise to the mobility scooter market. And the power and performance resemble that of a motorcycle, with all-round oil dampened suspension and a deluxe captain’s seat which provides ultimate comfort on a wide range of terrain.  The compact chassis means that you’ll find it easier to handle on gravel driveways, pavements and confined areas.A delta style handlebar makes the scooter easy to control and really helps the user who has lost some strength in their hands or wrists. There is a handy basket attached to the front for extra storage and two rear view mirrors to keep you safe.

Hire me from £52.00 per week    Buy me from £1845.00 Exc. VAT


Clearance: 5cm
Length: 125cm
Maximum Range: 25 miles
Maximum Speed: 8mph
Weight: 102kg
Weight (max user): 160kg (25st)
Width: 59cm

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