NHC Pixi Mobility Scooter

NHC Pixi Mobility Scooter


The NHC Pixi is a class 2 mobility scooter which has a top speed of 4mph and a travel distance of 10 miles on a full charge.This robust scooter has an aluminium chassis which only adds to its lightweight and portable qualities.  If you want to use it in conjunction with a vehicle then it can be dismantled into 5 manageable pieces making it very easy to store in a car boot or small space.The seat and tiller can be adjusted for maximum comfort when driving and the narrow chassis makes it easily manoeuvrable in tight spaces or crowded places. The simple controls make this scooter perfect for experienced and inexperienced users alike.  The NHC Pixi is perfect for to be used every day, for those longer journeys or relaxing holidays. 

Hire me from £35.00 per week    Buy me from £1490.00 Exc. VAT


Clearance: 7cm / 2.5 inches
Length: 99.5cm / 39 inches
Maximum Speed: 3.8mph
Range: Up to 9 miles
Width: 49cm / 19.3 inches

All hires are subject to availability, assessment and Terms & Conditions - please ask for more details.

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