SupaScoota Heavy Duty

SupaScoota Heavy Duty
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Try our SupaScoota Heavy Duty today, and see how it can change your life. The SupaScoota can be used indoors or outdoors, at the supermarket, in the city, bus or train trip, cruise ship or just leave it in the car-boot ready for action. Take the SupaScoota with you on your next holiday and be the envy of everyone. With our spare battery option you will never get caught without power. The worlds only 12 volt design means only one battery is required, lower running costs and in car charging is also available.


Length: 94.5cm
Maximum Range: 9 miles
Maximum Speed: 4mph
Turning Radius: 78cm
Weight: 34.7kg (with battery)
Weight (max user): 130 kg / 20.4 stone
Width: 56.5cm

All hires are subject to availability, assessment and Terms & Conditions - please ask for more details.

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