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TGA Supersport
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The 8mph SuperSport is just as much at home off-road as travelling about town. It will happily tackle steep gradients, power through very rough grass, and glide over uneven ground or gravel. The SuperSports operating lever allows an amazingly smooth fingertip control of speed forwards or in reverse; you can crawl at a snails pace, an inch at a time, or accelerate to top speed in three seconds. Release the lever and the SuperSport stops and automatically brakes. The positive steering and impressive turning circle (it can turn round well within its own length) allows the driver to negotiate any obstacle course be it in the High Street or on a country ramble. The SuperSport is so easy to drive: you don't need a special licence or previous experience. The SuperSports upholstered adjustable seat and large wheels ensure a really comfortable ride, so important on long journeys. The arms lift up and the whole seat rotates to allow ease of access. The independent handlebars can be simply adjusted for height and angle, and the controls fitted for left or right hand operation. The generous-sized basket will carry a surprising amount. The option of the extra-width seat gives you that much more room, enough to take a passenger, and the offset steering position compensated by unequal length handlebars. The SuperSport allows you to travel at a steady walking speed for over 20 miles and in the fast mode it maintains a good jogging pace, about 8mph, while carrying over 300lbs. Max range up to 30 miles (20 miles standard battery); User weight up to 31.4 stone; Luxurious and comfortable captain's seat; A lightweight, sturdy all-metal frame ; Strong cast alloy wheels ; All-terrain pneumatic balloon tyres ; Wide wheelbase for increased stability ; Forward and reverse fingertip control switch ; Upholstered seat with movable arms & adjustable for height/angle ; Automatic electric brakes (can be overridden for manual manoeuvring) ; Mechanical and electric parking brakes ; Indicators, hazard lights and horn ; Removable basket ; Fittings to take walking aids ; Powerful headlight and rear lights ; Left or right-handed controls ; Sealed, maintenance-free batteries ; Battery condition lights ; Removable ignition safety key; Heavy duty battery upgrade option for extra range; Standard, Wide and Extra Wide Seat Options; Handlebars are fully adjustable for individual user comfort.; Available in black and chrome model; Length: 162cm; Width: 74cm; Seat Width: 46cm (Standard) 67cm (Wide) 80cm (Extra Wide); Weight (ex battery): 56kg; Batteries: 2 x 12v 40ah (standard) 2 x 12v 73ah (Heavy Duty); Ground Clearance: 13cm; Maximum Speed: 8mph; Turning Radius: 100cm;

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