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Our Mission - "To Provide The Most Suitable Equipment For Your Individual Requirements."

Tailored Assessment - We'll ask some health questions to ensure you're being provided with equipment that meets your specific requirements and environment. Click here for more about our Medical Assessment.

Hire Before You Buy - Not sure which scooter, power chair or wheelchair is right for you? Rent your mobility equipment first and we'll deduct the rental cost from the purchase price.

National Mobility Network - We're the only mobility specialist to have agents spread throughout the UK. Wherever you are, we'll direct you to one of our trusted and approved specialist. See a list of our mobility agents across the UK here. We supply directly to Hampshire and all surrounding areas.

Helpful, Friendly Service - Upon receiving your equipment we'll show you how to assemble, use and maintain your scooter, power chair or wheelchair with confidence and leave you feeling fully confident. View our various delivery options here.

Customer Hotline - Our 24/7 hotline is available if you need any assistance or have any questions regarding your mobility scooter, power chair or wheelchair.

Breakdown Recovery Service - Flat tyre on your scooter? Dead battery? If you get stuck, we'll get you home and can provide you with a temporary replacement until it's fixed. Even if  you're not one of our customers, we'll always do our best to help. Click for more about our Recovery and Repairs services.

Whatever your needs, whether you want to rent, buy or learn how to get the most from your mobility equipment - the RentaScoota network is number one in the UK for mobility scooters, power chairs (standard or high end), and a comprehensive range of wheelchairs.

If you require something different, adapted or bespoke then call our team for expert advice.


Introducing - Mobility at Sea

We are the preferred official suppliers of scooters to many of the major Cruise Ship companies, including Cunard, Carnival UK, P&O, Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises.

Make your cruising experience much easier and more comfortable by taking advantage of our mobility scooter rental and hire services. You can now hire scooters, wheelchairs, hoists, bath lifts and much more. Visit our Cruising section for more details. You'll get so much more out of your cruise with one of our rented scooters you wont know what you ever did without one.


Our Scooter Range:

RentaScoota has a range of 122 Scooters for Sale from the top 14 Scooter manufacturers including 15 from TGA; 19 from Pride Mobility; 20 from Electric Mobility and 9 from Freerider, formally HNC.

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