Long Term Rental of Mobility Scooters

The longer you commit to a mobility scooter rental, the more affordable it becomes. It's no secret that mobility scooters can be expensive. RentaScoota offer a real alternative to having to pay a large capital outlay. The long term rental of a mobility scooter can benefit those who need to budget on a monthly basis, without worrying how you'll get around. 

Long term rentals are suited to all kinds of people; those who have suffered injuries that may affect their mobility such as leg and back problems, those who aren't sure how long they will require a scooter thus ruling out buying one, or people who simply want to thoroughly test drive a particular model before making the decision to buy.

Specific models of mobility scooters are designed for recovery and rehabilitation, for users who are looking to eventually get back on their feet.

We operate in the majority of areas throughout England, with additional selected coverage in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. See a full list of our trusted agents throughout the UK here. If any of the following apply to you, do not hesitate to call us now on 0844 800 7074.

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