Concerned about trying a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are now more popular than ever. Despite being such a great invention, many people are still reluctant to try using one. We’ve conducted our own research and outlined the most common reasons why people could be reluctant, and what RentaScoota can do to ensure the transition is as easy and simple as possible.

Rider’s safety – Some of our customers question whether they will be safe whilst using a scooter. The safety and comfort of our customers is paramount. We conduct a quick health assessment to identify a person’s needs and ensure that they are provided with the most suitable equipment. If worried that there is a potential danger whilst operating a scooter, anyone can come to our large showroom in Waterlooville for a test run. In this safe environment we can assess your driving skills and give impartial advice as well as some helpful tips on how to stay safe. Building confidence can be the key to success.

Public transport – A large proportion of our customers rely heavily on public transport systems to get around. We offer a wide range of portable mobility scooters, designed specifically around the need to be easily transported. These scooters are small, lightweight and easily foldable. Our customers have even taken their mobility scooters on trains, planes and ships - so much so that we have built a business on it.

Storage – A large amount of storage space is no longer needed for your mobility scooter. Some of our models take up less room than a small suitcase when folded. Simply tuck it under a table, under the stairs or leave it in the boot of your car without losing valuable space. This can also apply when using your scooter in public.

Maintenance/breakdown – You don’t have to be mechanically minded to own a mobility scooter. We can take care of all the maintenance, servicing and repairs conducted on your scooter. In the event that your mobility scooter malfunctions we can organise a repair or even provide a replacement depending on the circumstances. We do our very best to ensure that our customers stay mobile.  

Cost - It's no secret that mobility scooters can be expensive - even thousands of pounds. If you're unsure if a mobility scooter will suit your lifestyle, why not hire a mobility scooter to begin with. If you decide to purchase later on, we'll deduct the cost of the hire from the asking price. This "Hire Before You Buy" scheme enables our customers to try a mobility scooter without committing to purchasing one outright. 

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