Marvin...Meet world. Marvin!

Say hello to Marvin - our pride and joy. We like to think he sits perfectly somewhere between the James Bond and Austin Powers of mobility scooters.  It's an ongoing one of a kind side project and we've seized the opportunity to show the world what RentaScoota can do. Although he has made an appearance at numerous events over the last few years, we figured we've been selfish and kept him to ourselves for long enough.

After arguing with ourselves about what to call him, we went through our records to find the name of our first ever customer. You guessed it - Marvin. A few years ago, we rented a fleet of mobility scooters to a group of school leaver's for their prom night. Long story short we soon discovered there was a problem. Mobility scooters are designed for the the less able members of society and we felt it wasn't fair to provide a living aid to somebody who's completely able bodied. Scooters give a lot of people their freedom and independence and should be kept exclusive. So we started working on Marv.


Marv started life as a Pride Ranger mobility scooter due to being robust and having profound off-road capabilities. Then we started getting creative and may have got a bit carried away...

He now proudly sits double his original length and has undergone one or two subtle upgrades. He carries a custom made motorised rotating rear seat wide enough for two passengers, a DVD player/radio complete with surround sound (If you're going to make an entrance you've got to do it right!) and boasts lighting in the ceiling, floor and twin side mounted "exhausts". The Rolls Royce influenced front grill is there simply because we could.

Although he's not for sale, Marvin is available to rent for special occasions; birthdays, proms, anniversaries, shows etc. (Chauffeur not included!) so the next time you have a retirement do or Christmas party (Admit it; you're looking for an excuse already) bear in mind that you're guaranteed to turn some heads and get a few laughs with Marvin's help!

We took him for a quick spin around the streets of Waterlooville last week and found that people everywhere were leaving their desks, stepping outside and cracking a smile at the sight of Marvin in all his glory.  


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