Mobility Scooter Hire at Wings and Wheels, Part 1

Following the success of the 2010 Wings and Wheels show held at Dunsfold Airfield near Guildford, the organisers invited the Rentascoota team back for the 2011 August Bank Holiday show.

As in 2010, the provision of mobility scooter hire was an integral part of the 2011 show. As the showground and site covers a vast area, many of the visitors needed to look at mobility scooter rental to fully enjoy all that is offered on the day.

3pm Saturday the day before the show, two impressive RentaScoota vans towing large trailers arrived on site and begin to unload the mobility scooters of various makes and models. N.H.C. Mayfair, Pride Elite Go Go, Pride Deluxe Colt, the new Pride Deluxe Colt Sport, Electric Mobility Liteway 4 and Liteway 8, T.G.A Breeze and T.G.A Supersport, Strider 4, Roma Cadiz, Cordoba and Lyon. and finally the all new Komfi Rider and Aerolite mobility scooters all of which we were to offer for sale and rental. Some of the mobility scooter hire fleet may even have found new homes after the show!

Wearing our bright red T-shirts as a sign of respect to the Lt. Jon Egging Red Arrows, boldly carrying the RentaScoota logos, we looked skyward and hoped the weather would be kind to us as we knew we would not have enough scooter capes to go round in the event of a downpour! Luck was with us as we only experienced the odd light shower on both days.

Prior to the show our RentaScoota team had contacted all of those who had pre-booked a mobility scooter rental for the day, we explained where we would be situated and gave contact numbers in case they needed assistance from their cars. This was just as well as the mobility scooter hire tent was positioned just inside the main gate but some distance away from the disabled car parking which meant that the RentaScoota team spent much of their time taxi –ing many mobility scooters to and from the car parking area.

Our Mobility Scooter Engineers were on hand to help and actually a few people who had brought their own mobility scooters came over to hire from us as their models weren’t really up for the job, those people who had brought wheelchairs, walkers and rollators weren’t coping with the bumpy terrain. We knew from last year what the ground was like so were able to take the mobility scooters that were the best, especially the Kensington, the Mayfairs, Cordobra etc all performed very well. Our customers were all happy and nobody complained that their mobility scooter couldn’t cope. Our RentaScoota engineers are very popular with one lady who had a puncture in her babies pram tyre last year, who can you believe it had the same happen again this year ! What’s the chances of that happening two years on the run!. Whether you are a seasoned mobility scooter user or new to the experience of organising a mobility scooter hire at an event, mobility scooters can really enhance your day and your lifestyle.

Stay tuned for part 2 soon!

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