Dave on the Jeremy Vine Show

Dave on the Jeremy Vine ShowThe Head of RentaScoota, Dave Budgen was asked to appear on the Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show, to answer questions on the misuse of mobility scooters in the UK, a question raised by Plymouth Labour MP Alison Seabecks. She has made calls for greater regulation on the sales and training for mobility scooter use.

On a link from the BBC's Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays studio, Dave explained the importance of not only correct training for mobility scooter users, but also the responsibilities on mobility scooter companies to ensure users are being sold the correct machines. He agreed with Alison, and wanted to explain to Jeremy that four years ago he set up a nation-wide network of mobility dealers to set standards of training and sales advice that could not be offered by the internet dealers. Internet dealers that sell high volume, low profit scooters, do not have the means or margins to deal with an individuals concerns and needs.

Every single person should be assessed as to their physical condition and the ability to handle the machine. Theres also the questions of access, storage, distance and local terrain to be considered. Unfortunately, Jeremy just wanted to highlight the fact there was a small, but growing number of people purchasing mobility scooters. He found it quite hilarious that the Waterlooville based Rent-a-Scoota, in it's early days, hired 8 scooters to some school boys for them to make a grand entrance at the hotel where their prom was being held. On the short journey of less than a mile, they managed to damage six of the scooters, lose one which was left abandoned and consequently stolen and completely wrote off another. Dave was obviously upset and very angry, but got very little response from the parents. Having to bare the cost of the repairs and replacement, Rent-a-Scoota has not allowed hires to proms since.

Jeremy could then see that Dave was not about to concede that Rent-a-Scoota was an irresponsible company, which endorses scooter hire to non-disabled customers. However Rent-a-Scoota is a preferred supplier to the BBC and several other film companies and has hired scooters for the purpose of TV adverts, shows (such as Big Brother and Home For Christmas) and charity events.

The lack of opportunity of putting his point across on the show has made David more determined to highlight the internet dealer mis-selling to MP’s who could implement change. His first stop will be Alison to offer his services to aid her cause

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