Behind Closed Doors


The majority of the time, the mobility industry is left out of the spotlight and kept behind closed doors. This is because being a very specific market people don’t purchase a living aid because they want to, or because it is convenient or they like a particular design. People only buy a mobility product once their personal circumstances dictate that their mobility could benefit from some assistance. Because of this, there is very little advertising surrounding the mobility industry. No fancy adverts. No billboards. No viral campaigns. So there isn’t much consumer advice that is unbiased and freely-available.

Once it is apparent that a person requires mobility equipment, they look behind that closed door to discover that (like 99% of all retail) there are thousands of products of all shapes and sizes and no way of telling which one is right for them or who to trust. All of a sudden they are once again hit with the all-too-familiar “Buy, Buy, Buy” that we’ve all grown to hate.

This is why we do what we do, in the way that we do it. Our aim is not to just supply mobility equipment, but more importantly to provide the CORRECT equipment to match an individual’s personal requirements, from their daily activities and medical conditions to the layout of their home. Once the purchase has been made, we don’t just disappear. We’re always here to make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish and provide any further assistance as required.

The correct living aids can dramatically enhance a person’s day-to-day life, whilst an unsuitable product could potentially make things more difficult. 

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