The Extra 87 miles

One of our newest customers, Mr Walling, purchased one of our Pack-a-Scootas - one of our best selling compact mobility scooters exclusive to RentaScoota. Mr Walling lives in Scotland and so was unable to test the scooter before buying one. He put his faith in our sales team's ability to recommend the right equipment that best suited his needs. Upon receiving and using his Pack-a-Scoota for the first time Mr Walling was delighted.

Most stories end there...not this one.

We then had another enquiry about a Pack-a-Scoota from a Mr Baulk, also situated in Scotland. He asked if we had any agents in his area that could take him a Pack-a-Scoota for a demonstration. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any agents in Scotland but we explained that we do have an existing customer who acquired one just recently.

So we put Mr Baulk in touch with Mr Walling to discuss the Pack-a-Scoota. He told Mr Baulk how happy he was with his equipment and that he was welcome to go and have a look if he wished. Mr Baulk took the 87 mile journey to go and see the scooter over some tea and scones with Mr Walling and his wife, during which time they quickly became friends. He loved the scooter and placed his order the very next day.

This just goes to show that here at RentaScoota, Hampshire, we will find any means possible of ensuring customer satisfaction. The fact that the two of them became friends is just an added bonus.

For more information about the Pack-A-Scoota click here.


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