Let us introduce the Di Blasi R30 – the first automatically folding mobility scooter representing a breakthrough in portable mobility. It does exactly what it says on the tin – and it does it brilliantly. 

 With the single press of a button the Di Blasi R30 folds into the size of a small suitcase for easy transportation and storage.  Another press of the button and it’s a fully assembled mobility scooter that’s ready to ride in seconds with absolutely no additional assembly required. It’s that simple.

The advantages to having such a portable scooter are endless. From riding it up to the plane doors at all major UK airports (Depending on the airline's regulations) to tucking it away under the table in a restaurant. No more huge scooters, no more difficulties with storage during your meal, day trip, show, holiday or on public transportation.

The Di Blasi’s high ground clearance, low centre of gravity and oversized wheels give it a reassuringly stable ride, even when faced with rough or uneven terrain, whilst its 250w motor will easily carry it up an 11 degree incline. It’s extremely manoeuvrable and boasts a turning circle of a mere 86cm and a diameter of just 62cm making it one of the smallest and most practical mobility scooters on the current market for use in built up or crowded areas. Click here to see the full specifications for the Di Blasi R30.

So whether you’re planning on using your scooter for the occasional day trip or everyday use, around the home or in the town centre, this scooter could be perfect for your individual needs. Get in touch today for more information, to book a free home demonstration or to talk to our sales team. Each and every one of our customers is given a short over-the-phone assessment to identify their requirements and ensure the correct equipment is supplied for the right reasons.

Click here to see our entire range of lightweight mobility scooters.

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