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As we all know men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Many women see things much differently to men, this also applies when choosing a mobility scooter. Different shapes, sizes and capabilities even different colours! When choosing a mobility scooter. What is important to you?

For one of our customers for instance fell in love with the TGA Eclipse which is the latest addition to the TGA range it is a lovely mobility scooter to ride. For the girly girls amongst us the TGA Eclipse comes in several colours, our favourite is the emerald green, it comes in silver, red, orange, white and grey. All the controls and hand grips on the scooter have been ergonomically designed and the luxury seat adds to the feeling of comfort. A very stylish looking mobility scooter, the TGA Eclipse comes with a basket holding an attractive draw string storage bag which means that you don’t have to take the basket into the shops just the bag which being charcoal grey compliments any outfit !

For the more technical minded - TGA have tried to think of everything for the Eclipse to give maximum portability with many of the features you would expect on a bigger more expensive model. Available with heavy duty batteries increasing the range to approximately 18 miles per charge. No fiddly connections means that it’s easy to assemble and disassemble with one hand (if able).

For additional storage there is a rear mounted bag offering a security mesh to protect your valuables and carries the shower cover for your precious new mobility scooter. The puncture proof tyres on the alloy wheels makes problematic punctures a thing of the past. Maximum Speed of 4mph, Battery Range: 9 miles, Ground Clearance: 7.5 cm, Maximum User Weight: 21.4 stone, Total Weight: 7 stone, Length:39 inches, Width: 19 inches, this awesome scooter will enhance your life whether you are from Mars or Venus !

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