Hot Wheels in the showroom!


Here at RentaScoota, Waterlooville, we are both proud and a little exited to be suppling the Drive Medical Sport Rider. It's unique retro design takes it's striking looks from the motorcycle industry to create something new and exiting. We say: mission accomplished. Needless to say, we've worked hard in the office and around the streets of Waterlooville testing the Sport Rider. The result? We love it. 


The Sport Rider's revolutionary design makes it much more than just a novelty scooter - it puts it straight into a class of it's very own. We were particularly impressed with the technology that has been incorporated - a lot of which is not often found on scooters at all. 


The Sport Rider boasts a huge range of exclusive features including a twin dial digital dash, a trip computer with odometer, a fully auto Easy to use "Self Diagnostic” fault-finding system, an additional hand brake... All these features combine with it's retro design to give you a driving experience unlike any other mobility scooter. If it weren't for the 8mph top speed, you'd think you were riding a motorcycle.  

It's been a little while since Rent-a-Scooter have gone all out with a custom project - this could be a great starting point.


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