Tips and Tricks 


Not all bumps, scrapes and breakdowns can be avoided, but here's some advice how you can make your experience more comfortable.


Get to know your equipment

It may sound obvious, but make sure you take the time to learn about all of the functions available on your equipment. If there's a button that you're unsure of, check the manufacturer's guide to find out what it does. Also, make sure you know exactly what your equipment is capable of. For example, if you've got a budget portable scooter, it won't perform anywhere near as well off-road than a purpose built off-road model. Your manufacturer's guide will tell you your scooter's limitations and capabilities right down to how you should tackle small bumps and kerbs.


Know the Laws

Another obvious sounding tip but one that is often overlooked. Is your mobility scooter a Class 2 or Class 3 invalid carriage? Do you know where you can use your scooter and where certain speed limits apply? What must you ensure if you use your scooter on a dual carriageway? What are the minimum eyesight requirements? You must ensure you know the answer to the above questions, regardless of whether you're planning on using your mobility scooter on the road or not. Click here for more information about UK laws relating to mobility scooters.


Be seen

Always bare in mind that you are sat much lower than the rest of the crowd. Just as we've all bumped into a child because we looked straight over them, be aware that the same applies to mobility scooter users. There are some very simple ways of overcoming this such as; attaching a small bell to your scooter to cheerfully alert those around you of your presence, attaching a flagpole with a bright coloured flag, wearing bright coloured clothes or applying high visibility stickers to your equipment. You can buy bicycle bells and high visibility clothing at any good motoring/cycle outlets.


Get insured

Although mobility scooter insurance isn't compulsory by law, it's highly recommended just in case the worst should happen. Not only should you protect yourself in case of an accident but you should be protected against fire, theft and accidental damage as well as public liability insurance. RentaScoota can provide you with comprehensive cover which also includes personal possessions, injury cover and legal expenses. Click here for more information about mobility scooter, power chair and wheelchair insurance.


Look after your equipment

Most breakdowns can be avoided by ensuring that your equipment is properly maintained. RentaScoota can provide your mobility scooter, power chair or wheelchair with a comprehensive health check by one of our experienced and dedicated engineers. Click here for more information about scooter repairs and servicing.


Pay attention

Always observe your surroundings. People everywhere, be it pedestrians in town centres or road users, are always looking where THEY are going, not where YOU are going. Pedestrians have right of way. While cars are supposed to give way to pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooter users, never assume that people will make way for you to get past.


Take your time 

People nowadays are always in a rush. When entering a shop or crowded area, don't simply plough through a sea of pedestrians to get to the other side, take a minute to plan your route. This will ensure you don't get stuck along the way or drive into anyone, especially if you've got a larger mobility scooter.


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