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It’s quite amazing the amount of enquiries RentaScoota get requesting mobility scooter hire to enhance coach holidays, and travel. It’s fair to say that many coach operators have introduced a policy of reducing the amount of mobility scooters they allow on coaches at a time when the number of clients needing them has increased.

Some coach companies will still allow you to take a mobility scooter on to their coaches but they do have Health and Safety issues concerning the weight of luggage and mobility scooters. However most companies seem more than willing to handle mobility scooters on day trips and the hold is empty of luggage.

It is a great help to coach companies when travellers organise a mobility scooter hire through the Hampshire based RentaScoota who can then deliver the scooter to the main destination so that it is awaiting your arrival. The mobility scooter can then be used on the daily excursions without any hassle. We personalised every scooter so that you can easily identify which one is yours.

A top contender for any travel-based hire is the Di Blasi R30 - the automatically folding mobility scooter available to hire now. Click here for more information about the Di Blasi R30 or here to see our full range of lightweight scooters.

When you think about it – what a fantastic introduction the mobility scooter has been. The portable mobility scooter has changed the lives of so many people who simply couldn’t enjoy life as they do. We are building a network of mobility scooter friendly hotels and guest houses so we will be able to assist everyone at all times.

To find out more about renting a mobility scooter for a coach holiday Click Here.

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